WrongTom – Old Ghosts

My old pal WrongTom is releasing a compilation of unheard and unreleased tracks on the excellent Myuzyk label, which means it is all for free! Heres what the man himself says about the album –

“It’s nothing fancy, simply a bunch of old tracks recorded between 1999 and 2004, most weren’t released, some weren’t intended to be released, and no doubt some people are probably wondering why I’m bothering to release them now. Put simply I gave them a listen back and in hindsight I quite like them, despite some of them needing a better mixdown if I still had the parts. Think of this as a Christmas present to anyone who’s helped me out, written nice things, lent a keen ear or simply just been there while I was giving this music production lark a go over the last 10 years. The decade has had it’s ups and downs from working on UK number 1 albums to water cascading through the roof of my studio, and I’m looking forward to another 10 years once we’ve done with the coming festivities.
For those that have been paying attention recently you might be surprised this doesn’t contain any reggae or dub material, in fact i think the most recent track on the LP was made just before I started dabbling with dub in 2004. There’s still a variety of styles covered from synth heavy hip hop instrumentals to free jazz workouts and even a raga of sorts with the unlikely sounding combination of me on tablas and Steve Kemp from Hard-Fi on drums.”

Released for free download on December 21st, its a great album well worth checking out, for more in-depth info from Tom, go here.  Myuzyk do it again.


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