Thanks to my man 25 THC for the heads up on this one. Its Edan presenting a live show on Sonzera Pura East Village Radio, playing all kinds of good stuff. Check it out!

listen here








My man Remdog has just posted up a new track he’s done with the legend that is Nature Boy Jim Kelly aka Nosaj from New Kingdom. Have a listen here!
While you are at it, go buy his excellent ep on 2600 Recordings





A celebration ofthe 1990’s next thursday at 93ft East, Brick Lane E1 6QL. 7-11 free all night!

DJ’s Special Needs, 25 THc & myself Long Distance Dan

Plus the Sparkle Motion dancers.

Come along and have some 90’s fun!


My trusty old computer has gone tits up, I’m working on getting it fixed, but this means any new posts will take awhile.

Sorry about this but theres not much I can do. Hopefully I will back posting as soon as possible.













I have been a fan of the 2econd Class Citizen for a good few years now, I was even lucky enough to feature one of his tracks on my own “Twisting The Frame” compilation. So it was a real pleasure to have a copy of his debut album, “A World Without” turn up in my inbox.
I have been looking forward to a full length album from Mr Citizen and I can tell you, A World Without does not disappoint. This is one of the best psychedelic hip hop albums I’ve heard in ages. Is that a genre now? I dunno, it should be! 2econd Class Citizen wears his influences on his sleeve, but this is by no means a bad thing. You find cut up folk vocals, mixed with dusty, heavy, head nodding beats and soothing acoustic guitars. At times it reminds me of Anticons Alias, but less electronic and more organic sounding.
I could go through track by track, letting you know my favourites and so on, but I think I’d rather you checked it out for yourself as it is well worth it. 
To get your copy just click here! If you pre-order you even get a lovely free t-shirt, can’t complain about that.
If you are still not convinced here is an excellent promo mix of the album by Dj Phonatic.

 Album Mix – DJ Phonatic


Other than Run DMC’s Walk This Way, there aren’t too many cover versions by hip hop artists. I have managed to gather a few up I have found over the years, for your listening pleasure.

First up is the late great, or is that just crazy, Old Dirty Bastard. There are 2 covers featuring Old Dirt Dog, the first is his and Macy Grays version of Elton Johns “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart”. Bizarre but highly amusing!
Don’t Go Breaking My Heart      ysi      rapidshare

Next is Rhymefest and ODB doing their version of “Build Me Up Buttercup”, not quite as crazy as Don’t Go Breaking, but just as stupid!
Build Me Up Buttercup     ysi     rapidshare

The next 2 are by uk hip hop maverick Infinite Livez. Since the release of his last album “Morgan Freeman’s Psychedlic Seman”with Stade, Inf has blessed us with these 2 excellent cover versions.
1999     ysi     rapidshare
Jump    ysi    rapidshare

Finally this one is kind of a cover, whatever it still makes me laugh. It is Necro’s “I Need Drugs”, a modern take on LL Cool J’s “I Need Love”.
I Need Drugs     ysi     rapidshare


I’m very sorry for the lack of posts recently. Been a bit hectic with life and the like, however I promise a whole load of new and exciting posts are on there way!









 “House of Bees Vol. 1” is the latest from B. Dolan of Strange Famous Records; a 50 minute compilation of unreleased songs, collaborations and remixes assembled by label-mate and UK producer Buddy Peace.  This mix will be offered to the public both as a free download and as a limited run of signed, purchasable hard copies, available this August from Strange Famous online store.
Dolan’s writing and delivery here is by turns venomous and vulnerable, playful and possessed, and Buddy Peace has got the range and depth of production to match his lyricist’s every whim.  A number of producers and emcees show up for cameos, including Jackson of Grand Buffet, Curtis Plum, Prolyphic, Alias, Aupheus, and Strange Famous label boss Sage Francis, who lends verses to a number of these songs.
B. Dolan is currently touring the U.S. with the Rock the Bells tour, and is set to release Fallen House, Sunken City, an album produced entirely by legendary beatsmith Alias, on Strange Famous Records this winter.  Buddy Peace will be releasing a new LP, Late Model Sedan, digitally via Strange Famous Records on August 18 (words taken from Urb.com)

House Of Bees


Check out this new track from the ex-Jazz Fudge group Dark Circle. With my man Anik on the vocals, not sure where Hoycke is but I know he’s back in Germany, so hopefully we will see the full crew back together on wax, or at least digital music waves (or something), very soon!













Sad news that the “king of pop” has died at the age of 50. In the 80’s I was a massive MJ fan, I still think Off The Wall and Thriller and maybe even Bad, are quality albums, sadly it all went rather wrong after that.
Anyway,  as a tribute I have selected some cover versions of MJ’s songs or ones he made famous. RIP Jacko!

Derrick Laro and Trinity – Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough     ysi    rapidshare
Esso Trinidad Steel Band – I Want You Back    ysi     rapidshare
Shinehead – Billie Jean    ysi    rapidshare
Videogame Orchestra – Thriller    ysi    rapidshare
Tom Jones – Ain’t No Sunshine    ysi     rapidshare
Ian Brown – Thriller    ysi    rapidshare

(ok ok, I know jacko didn’t originally do ain’t no sunshine, and bill withers original is possibly just as well known, but I was running out of cover versions!)