Stone Cold fuzz

Here’s another psych rock mix I did recently, more upbeat than the last one. Enjoy!

Stone Cold Fuzz

1. David Peel & The Lower East Side – I Like Marijuana
2. Aardvarks – Subconscious Train Of Thought
3. Chris Galbert – Sing Sing
4. Pretty – The Electric Hand
5. Dutch Masters – The Expectation
6. Beacon Street Union – Now I Taste The Tears
7. Elephants Memory – Takin’ A Walk
8. Shocking Blue – Love Buzz
9. The Grodeck Whipperjenny – You’re Too Young
10. Aguaturbia – Baby
11. Chrissy Zeppy Tembo – Feeling Good
12. Evolution Phase 1 – Theme pour la mort
13. The Crystal Mansion – Somebody (Oughta Turn Your Head Around)
14. Head Shop – Flowers, Flowers
15. Traffic Sound – Meshkaina
16. Mammoth – Mammoth
17. Euclid – Gimme Some Lovin’
18. Sogmusobil – Arabic In The Morning
19. Bernard Chabert – Olga Selzer
20. The Green Slime – The Green Slime
21. Elephants Memory – Band Of Love


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