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This blog is now dead

January 27, 2010

Well maybe not dead, but I will not be updating it for along time as I am off on my travels around the world. Thanks to everyone who has read and enjoyed my posts and thanks for all the great music I have been sent. See you in a year!

Do It For The Punk Rock, Do It For The Hip Hop

January 21, 2010

Yes another new mix for you, this time its a mix of old skool hip hop and funky punk tracks (and one Boney M track), nothing very rare, all quite well-known. It’s quite a rough mix, in some places more than others, but that fits the vibe of it all, thats what I tell them anyway. Hope you like it! […]

Stone Cold fuzz

January 16, 2010

Here’s another psych rock mix I did recently, more upbeat than the last one. Enjoy! Stone Cold Fuzz 1. David Peel & The Lower East Side – I Like Marijuana 2. Aardvarks – Subconscious Train Of Thought 3. Chris Galbert – Sing Sing 4. Pretty – The Electric Hand 5. Dutch Masters – The Expectation […]

The First Hint Of Darkness

January 12, 2010

Another new mix for you all. This, if I do say so myself, is the best I’ve done so far, hope you dig it! The First Hint Of Darkness 1. Christian Bruhn – Die Höhle 2. The Opus – Luna Landing (Ecliptic Mix) 3. DJ Signify – Costume Kids 4. Liquid Liquid – Lock Groove […]