2econd Class Citizen – A World Without










I have been a fan of the 2econd Class Citizen for a good few years now, I was even lucky enough to feature one of his tracks on my own “Twisting The Frame” compilation. So it was a real pleasure to have a copy of his debut album, “A World Without” turn up in my inbox.
I have been looking forward to a full length album from Mr Citizen and I can tell you, A World Without does not disappoint. This is one of the best psychedelic hip hop albums I’ve heard in ages. Is that a genre now? I dunno, it should be! 2econd Class Citizen wears his influences on his sleeve, but this is by no means a bad thing. You find cut up folk vocals, mixed with dusty, heavy, head nodding beats and soothing acoustic guitars. At times it reminds me of Anticons Alias, but less electronic and more organic sounding.
I could go through track by track, letting you know my favourites and so on, but I think I’d rather you checked it out for yourself as it is well worth it. 
To get your copy just click here! If you pre-order you even get a lovely free t-shirt, can’t complain about that.
If you are still not convinced here is an excellent promo mix of the album by Dj Phonatic.

 Album Mix – DJ Phonatic


One Response to “2econd Class Citizen – A World Without”

  1. Truthful words, some true words dude. Made my day!

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