Hip Hop Cover Versions

Other than Run DMC’s Walk This Way, there aren’t too many cover versions by hip hop artists. I have managed to gather a few up I have found over the years, for your listening pleasure.

First up is the late great, or is that just crazy, Old Dirty Bastard. There are 2 covers featuring Old Dirt Dog, the first is his and Macy Grays version of Elton Johns “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart”. Bizarre but highly amusing!
Don’t Go Breaking My Heart      ysi      rapidshare

Next is Rhymefest and ODB doing their version of “Build Me Up Buttercup”, not quite as crazy as Don’t Go Breaking, but just as stupid!
Build Me Up Buttercup     ysi     rapidshare

The next 2 are by uk hip hop maverick Infinite Livez. Since the release of his last album “Morgan Freeman’s Psychedlic Seman”with Stade, Inf has blessed us with these 2 excellent cover versions.
1999     ysi     rapidshare
Jump    ysi    rapidshare

Finally this one is kind of a cover, whatever it still makes me laugh. It is Necro’s “I Need Drugs”, a modern take on LL Cool J’s “I Need Love”.
I Need Drugs     ysi     rapidshare


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