DJ Vadim & Prime Cuts – Architects of the Great

vadim prime cuts





Architects of the Great was the first mixtape, and yes it was an actual tape not a CD, by DJ Vadim released on Jazz Fudge back in 1998. Put together with Scratch Pervert, Prime Cuts, around the same time as they were recording the Isolationist album with Antipop Consortium.
It’s a mix of dark and moody beats, many from the Jazz Fudge catalogue and of course it is a scratch heavy mix, with Prime Cuts really ripping it up in places. But it doesn’t get boring in the way some of Q-Berts mixes can do when it just sounds like him practicing for an hour.
This is a must for all Vadim fans and anyone who likes the darker side of hip hop.

Side 1     ysi     rapidshare
Side 2     ysi    rapdishare

*both files are labelled starting with 01, this is just the way the are labelled, they are different! and if they aren’t let me know and I’ll fix it*


One Response to “DJ Vadim & Prime Cuts – Architects of the Great”

  1. I would love to download this mixtape but the download has expired.Can any thing be done about this?

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