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R.I.P Michael Jackson

June 26, 2009

                    Sad news that the “king of pop” has died at the age of 50. In the 80’s I was a massive MJ fan, I still think Off The Wall and Thriller and maybe even Bad, are quality albums, sadly it all went rather wrong after […]

Edans Radio Show #2

June 22, 2009

Just a quick heads up that Edan has posted the second radio show, its more quality stuff. Lots of 60’s psych rock, hip hop, soul, funk and so on. Check it out Edans Radio Show #2

Brian Wilson, like you’ve never heard him

June 18, 2009

                Ok, so here is a track for all you Brian Wilson and Beach Boys fans. The track, “Smart Girls”, is taken from his 1990 unreleased album, “Sweet Insanity”. I won’t tell you too much about the song, I’ll leave you to check it out for yourselves, but […]

Tea Sea Records

June 16, 2009

              I recently discovered the excellent Tea Sea Records through myspace. The best known artist on their books is Brighton rapper Elemental, check out the video for “Cup Of Brown Joy” in a pervious post, but their roster is pretty damn strong. With releases by artists such as Tom Caruana, […]

DJ Vadim & Prime Cuts – Architects of the Great

June 12, 2009

        Architects of the Great was the first mixtape, and yes it was an actual tape not a CD, by DJ Vadim released on Jazz Fudge back in 1998. Put together with Scratch Pervert, Prime Cuts, around the same time as they were recording the Isolationist album with Antipop Consortium. It’s a mix of […]

The Forcefield Kids – Home EP

June 12, 2009

                        Regular readers of this blog will know I am always interested in hearing something new and slightly left-field from UK hip hop artists, The Forcefield Kids do no disappoint. Coming straight outta Newcastle, the Forcefild Kids are rapper Stain(ed) Art and dj/producer Sleepy. Their […]