More Original Versions

Yes I wanted to put up some more songs that the cover versions are better known than the originals, so here they are, enjoy!

First up we have Os Mutantes and their track  “A Minha Menina”, taken from their 1968 self titled debut album. This track is better known now for being covered by The Bees on their debut album.  
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Next up we have some more psychedelic rock,  this time byJohn Kongos. His track “He’s Gonna Step On Your Again” was released in 1971 and was a hit around Europe. However it became a massive hit in 1990 when The Happy Mondays did a cover, re-naming it simply “Step On”.
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Lastly we have an old soul classic by Gloria Jones. Originally released in 1965, “Tainted Love” was later covered by British synth poppers Soft Cell who had a world wide hit with the track back in 1981. However, I still don’t think you can beat the original.
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