The Super Chron Flight Brothers










I have to be honest, I had never heard of The Super Chron Flight Brothers until their new album “Indonesia” popped up in my inbox. Being the skeptic I am, I am never too sure about new hip hop albums, underground or overground. Its hard to find a hip hop album that really keeps my attention these days, however on first listen to “Indonesia” I was pleasantly surprised.
With production from the likes of Marmaduke, NASA, Dr Monokrome and so on, the brothers sound is a mix of experimental hip hop, dubstep, and electronica. At times they remind me of Anti-Pop Consortium, other times Plastic Little, with hints of MF Doom and the harsher Def Jux sound.
 The entire Indonesia album is available for free digital download. For those of you who are interested in a hard copy, we have a very special treat; An autographed DOUBLE CD version of Indonesia. The first CD will be a high quality version of the album, the second disc is a blend of album instrumentals and remixes by an array of producers including BOND, Willie Green, Nasa, Ravage (Monsta Island Czars), Essex Dogs and A.M. Breakups. Art done by Ashes57 & photography by Alexander Richter. We should have the double CDs by the beginning of May at the latest, and we will also make the deluxe version available via iTunes.

Grab The Album Here


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