The round up!

I’ve recently been getting quite a few new release sent to my inbox, so I thought it was a bout time I gave you all a heads up on whats going on.

First up we have the new album “Safe” by British rapper/singer song writer Dan Bull. He’s been described as “The Streets meets The Smiths”, not sure I fully agree with this, but I can see where they are coming from. Mixing heartfelt raps and singing with guitars and pop melodies, Dan Bulls style is more Mike Skinner or Example than Chester P and is all the better for it. I can easily imagine hearing this on day time Radio, so check out Dan’s myspace and then grab the album from here! 

Next up we have Ivan Ives and his album, “Newspeak”. The album features an impressive list of guests, Percee P, Black Milk, 2Mex and The Cool Kids amongst others. Ivan reminds me a little of Slug but a more straight up hip hop version. You can hear the hip hop “golden age” influence coming through the album, although he manages to find some common ground between modern commercial hip hop and the classic 90’s sound. 
For more info check out www.ivanives.com

Next we have Norwegian electronic pop act Safariari. Released on the Cafe Superstarlabel, the album “Igloodisko” is very now. Lovers of the current 80’s electro sound will love this. Part Daft Punk part Hot Chip and lots of other stuff thrown in as well. I can’t say its highly original, but it is done very well and I am definitely liking it. The kind people from Cafe Superstar have given me a couple of tracks to share, so here are my favourites.
En Lirare    ysi     rapidshare
Lommedisko    ysi    rapidshare

Next I wanted to give the band Malakai mention. They are a 2 man group from Bristol one being rapper/singer Stepchild and the other being Scott Hendy, ex Boca 45. Their debut album, “Ugly Side Of Love” is out now on Geoff Barrows Invada Records. It mixes hip hop, psych rock, reggae, folk and who knows what else, to create something pretty original and excellent to listen to. I bought the CD a week ago and have had it on constant rotation ever since, best album I’ve heard in ages. Fans of the latest Portishead album, make sure you check them out!

Finally I just wanted to let people know that the Jimmy The Fingers track “Grace”, that I posted the video for awhile ago, is now available to buy from iTunes and all other good mp3 stockists.


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