Formed in Wales in 1998, Mclusky released three albums in total before calling it quits in 2005. 2000’s “My Pain and Sadness Is More Sad and Painful Than Yours” , 2002’s “Mclusky Do Dallas” and their third and final album, “The Difference Between Me and You is I’m Not on Fire” in 2004.
This final album is my favourite of their work (and where the track here are from), they mix up punk, indie rock, hardcore, drone guitars but always keep a nice groove going in there. You can hear a definite Fall influence in many of the songs, which is no bad thing at all. Lyrically they keep their sense of humour and bizarreness, talking of travels by X-Wing and boogie board.
Mclusky could almost be a bit too heavy for me, but I love the drums and almost funky yet pretty harsh guitars, and the very quirky British lyrics make for excellent listening. Check it out!

Without MSG I Am Nothing     ysi     rapidshare
Forget About Him I’m Mint     ysi     rapidshare
1956 and All That     ysi     rapidshare


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