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“Named after a mysterious Illuminati phrase that appeared in the work of Aleister Crowley, William Burroughs and filmmaker Julian Biggs, the group formed in London around brothers (and martial-arts experts) Alex and Johnny Turnbull and Fritz Catlin (aka Fritz Haamann). Influenced by Fela Kuti and the emerging New York hip-hop scene, 23 Skidoo released their first single “Ethics” in 1980.
In 1982, 23 Skidoo released the mini-LP Seven Songs and the Tearing Up the Plans EP for the Fetish label (also home to recordings by Throbbing Gristle and Clock DVA). After replacing their nominal rhythm section with bassist Sketch (who shared the trio’s aesthetic), the band continued with 1983’s The Culling Is Coming and 1984’s Urban Gamelan. Their varied influences and occasionally sublime sound confused many critics and listeners, who expected all industrial groups to be as loud and chaotic as the emerging Test Dept. or Einsturzende Neubaten. Even after disbanding in 1984 however, 23 Skidoo continued recording together sporadically during the rest of the decade, and the quartet — the Turnbulls plus Catlin and Sketch — formed their own Ronin label in 1989. Though no material from the band appeared in the ’90s, they did several remixes and recorded for advertisers including Nike, Wrangler, and Smirnoff. Finally, in 2000, 23 Skidoo released a new, self-titled album for Virgin.” (allmusic)
 23 Skidoo’s material makes for really interesting listening and is an excellent example of where post punk, hip hop, industrial, funk and world music all collide. Have a listen

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