Josh Virgin – Dust, Static & Plastic







I have to be honest here, I don’t know a lot about Josh Virgin. I first heard of him in the hype section of Hip Hop Connection, found the album and have loved it ever since.
Now I believe that Josh is from Minneapolis and is good friends with Freddie Fresh, the pair have recorded together, Virgin using his Hidden Rhythm alias.
Regardless, the “Dust, Static & Plastic” is an excellent album, released in 1999 on the UK label Eye Q. Made up of dark and dusty instrumental tracks, comparable to DJ Vadim, Krush etc, the album also features a number of vocal tracks. I’ve never heard of any of the rappers included on the album,  The Phantom Scribbler, Brown Mug, Ray Boogie, and Cool Tra Sebek, but all do a perfect job, giving it a slightly early Wu-Tang sound and feel.
It’s a shame that Josh Virgin didn’t get more credit and success for this album as its an excellent example of late 90s leftield hip hop and beats.
Check it out for yourself!

You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet     ysi     rapidshare
The Kingpin     ysi     rapidshare
Delivery (Man)    ysi     rapidshare
Put The Tape In The Tape Deck (Freestyle)     ysi     rapidshare


7 Responses to “Josh Virgin – Dust, Static & Plastic”

  1. nice one – haven’t put this on for a few years… delivery man is a personal favourite…
    did you know kieren hebden did some additional production of some of it? never heard him talk about it but woud love to know how he got involved…thanks for the reminder!

  2. yes kieren was down he did some remixes on the ep jv and the phantom scribbs look for new shit soon rumor has it i self divine(micronuts rhymesayers)
    and and hidden are brewing something up will see but has whole lp from many harmonic the 65th coming out on butter beat

  3. Great Record, i bought this one yeeeeears ago … still awesome!

  4. hi josh, been missin you.

  5. is josh still around? any website info?

  6. myspace.com/butterbeatrecords

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