Poor Righteous Teachers











Formed in New Jersey in the late 80’s, Poor Righteous Teachers were a pro-black rap group who released their debut album, “Holy Intellect” in 1990. The album spawned the minor hip hop hit, “Rock Dis Funky Joint”.
I didn’t become aware of the group  until the release of their single “Shakiyla (JRH)” in 1991. Seeing the video for the track on Yo! MTV Raps, they came across as a conscious group, with a De La Soul influence but also a dance hall and reggae influence. Their next single, “Easy Star” displayed their reggae influence and for me is possibly their finest moment. The album, “Pure Poverty” , these singles were taken from never reach the success it deserved.
PRT went on to release 2 more albums, “Black Business” and “The New World Order” which again both sadly failed to make an impact sales wise.
Since then I believe Wise Intelligent, the groups lead rapper, has gone on to release some solo material and also featured on Jel “Soft Money” album.
For me Shakiyla and Easy Star still remain classic early 90’s hip hop tracks, often ignored or forgotten about. So here’s your chance to check them out.

Shakiyla (JRH)   ysi    rapidshare
Easy Star   ysi    rapidshare


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