Luscious Jackson







Luscious Jackson formed in New York back in 1991, their drummer, Kate Schellenbach, was originally a member of the Beastie Boys when they were still a punk band. (click HERE for the evidence)
In 1991 she hooked up with old friends  Jill Cunniff (vocals, bass), and Gabby Glaser (vocals, guitar) to form the core of the group, then enlisted Vivian Trimble on keyboards I believe. They released their debut EP, “In Search Of Manny”a year later on the Beasties Grand Royal label. The EP went well and they carried on to release their debut album, “Natural Ingredients” in 1994. Their sound was perfect for the time, mixing  alternative music, hip hop, funk, reggae, whatever sounded good.
They went on to release 2 more full length albums, 1996’s “Fever In Fever Out” and 1999’s “Electric Honey” , both again on Grand Royal, however they failed to re-capture the success of their early releases and the band split in 2000.
“In Search of Manny” is still their best release in my opinion, so here’s my favourite track from the EP, “Daughters Of The Kaos”.

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