The Round Up!

Once again I must applogies for not posting anything in awhile, with one thing and another I’ve not got round to posting anything new. However, now I am back and I have quite a bit of new stuff to get through that I have been sent, so I thought the best way would be to get it all in in a big round up.
First up I just want to mention the excellent new album by Roots Manuva, “Slime & Reason” is Roots 4th official album and ine of his best! It seem more reggae and soul influenced than his previous work, but what I really want to mention is the limited edition 2 CD version. The second CD features dub remixes of the album by the one and only WrongTom and the Stoneleigh Mountain Rockers. Its excellent so make sure you grab it while you can.

Next up we have a cheeky little non-album track from Lone. His “Lemurian” is proving extremely popular and rightly so. If you like your electronic beats with a nice sunny hip hop feel, make sure you pick up the album, but for now check this track out.  “Fly Fire Rainbow”   ysi    rapidshare 

Next up we got a bit of indie folk. Leerone is a new up coming artist from L.A, influenced by the likes of Joni Mitchel, Tom Waits, The Beatles, it all makes for an interesting listen. Her new album, “Imaginary Biographies”   is out now, so check her website out for more details!  Leerone website

So what’s next? Well we have an artist who goes by the name of Mantrakid. Musically he mixes hip hop, electronica, funk and all the good stuff, while lyrically he comes across like a more soulful Sage Francis. His new album, “Palmflowerblack”, makes for a really good listen, it doesn’t bang you over the head like a Sage Francis album sometimes can, but still keeps your interest and makes you want to hear more! Check out Neferiu Records to buy all releases by Mantrakid, and many other artists. As for now check this track from “Palmflowerblack”.  “Sinister States”   ysi    rapidshare

I was also sent some info on the interesting Gnawledge Records and their artist Elemental Zazen. Not got much info on them, other than Elemental Zazens album is out now and the tunes sound good! Go check them out at Gnawledge Records

And finally, I just want to mention the Sil-X release on the excellent net label Myuzyk. It features excellent remixes by the likes of Remdog, Buddy Peace,  Posthuman and Bio Static System and the best bit is, its all free! Now go and down loads it, and the full Myuzyk back catalogue. Look out for a Left Hand Side, Myuzyk collab coming soon, but more on that another time.

That is about it for now, I will get back to the regular up dates with more cover versions, diggin’ in the crates and all the other crazy crap as usual, I promise. Peace!


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