Don’t Sleep – The Best Of Jazz Fudge






As I’ve not posted anything over the last month I wanted to give you something special. I recently went back over all my Jazz Fudge records and discovered that the label put out some excellent material over the 9 years it was going.
Started by DJ Vadim in 1995 to release his own “Abstract Hallucinating Gases” EP the label then went on to release a second DJ Vadim EP, “Heads Ain’t Ready” before he then signed to the Ninjatune label. Vadim kept the label going and released material by Mark B & Blade, Anti-Pop Consortium as part of the group The Isolationist along with Vadim and Prime Cuts, Part 2, Killa Kela, Pelding, Blu Rum 13, Dark Circle, The Prunes, Swollen Members, Phi-Life Cypher, Taskforce and so on. 
I have put together a compilation of material from its beginnings in 1995 up to its end in 2004. As I used to work for the label, it has been a real pleasure putting together a “best of” and hearing all 22 of these excellent tracks again. I have actually made a second compilation, but you will have to wait for that one!
Some of the files are WMA files, sorry I didn’t have time to convert them all.

Don’t Sleep – The Best Of Jazz Fudge
part 1   rapidshare
part 2    rapidshare


9 Responses to “Don’t Sleep – The Best Of Jazz Fudge”

  1. could you please re – up this as the zshare links do not work. great blog. keep it up..! cheers

  2. Z-Share link still not working…please re-up…thanks

  3. Awesome……….cant wait for the next installment.

    btw, i wud literally wack off if u could up ur jazz fudge stuff esp. little aida – confessions.

    i live in china and have no access to anything from jazz fudge. cant even buy the tracks over the internet.

    fingers crossed and itching for some damn good music


  4. Heya! The RapidShare links have gone over their 10-download limit… Any chance you could repost to ysi or something? I’ve got a load of Jazz Fudge vinyl lurking in my shelves but I’d love them digital. And on the subject, whatever happened to Ronin records? Ronin and Jazz Fudge were the two I used to hunt…

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