Cover Versions

For the third cover versions post, I have gone for 4 different versions of the same song again. This time I have got 4 versions of Buffalo Springfields “For What It’s Worth”.

First up we have Lou Rawls excellent version, produced by David Axlerod this is taken from his 1968 album, “Feelin’ Good“.     ysi    zshare

Next we have a version from Cher’s 1969 album, 3614 Jackson Highway” . Made when Cher was more hippy than plastic, this is a quirky, funky little version.    ysi    zshare

Next up is Sergio Mendes & Brasil ’66 version. Taken from their 1971 album, “Stillness” , the opening drums are killer.    ysi    zshare

And finally we have 60’s rock band Art, who only released 1 album, the 1967, Supernatural Fairytales” . Chagining the title slightly to “What’s That Sound (For What Its Worth)” , its another great version of this classic song.    ysi    zshare


One Response to “Cover Versions”

  1. After the first LP Art changed their name to SPOOKYTOOTH.

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