Lone “Lemurian”

Lone is one half of Nottingham beat makers Kids In Tracksuits , who have released some excellent singles, played live all over the place and been in session for the likes of Steve Lamacq, Rob Da Bank and John Kennedy.
While the Kids take a breather, Lone is set to release his debut solo album, “Lemurian” on Dealmaker Records. His sound reminds me of Prefuse 73 tickling Madlibs backside whilst Flying Lotus sneaks a peak from the shadows, or something like that! Don’t believe me, well click the following to  grab an excellent free track!   http://www.dealmakerrecords.com/detail.asp?id=92 
The album is sounding fresh, so keep an eye on Lone as he could be set for big things!


2 Responses to “Lone “Lemurian””

  1. I thought the album sounded really good, but it did sound really familiar. It sounded like an one of those LA beatmakers remixed some Boards Of Canada.

  2. Who ever wrote this artcile really knew what they were talking about.

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