The Goats

the goats

The Goats formed in Philadeliphia in the early 1990’s, they consisted of three members, Oatie Kato, Madd and Swayzack. The groups sound could be compared to the likes of Cypress Hill, Beastie Boys and De La Soul, but what set them apart from the typical hip hop acts of the time, was the fact when they played live they used a live band rather than just a DJ or a DAT. This, along with the political content of their lyrics got them noticed by the alternative media and compared to the likes of Rage Against The Machine.
The group released their debut album, “Tricks Of The Shade” in 1992 and won praise from fans and the press alike. Founding member Oatie left the group some point before the second album, “No Goats, No Glory” was released in 1994. Although the second album had its moments, without Oatie the political lyrics had gone and the original feel of the group had gone.
Since then members have gone on to form the group Incognergo and Oatie Kato is involved in the Jimmy Luxury project.
For download I have 2 alternative versions of their big singles, one is a live recording and the other is a remix using the live band.

Typical American (Baked Potatoe mix)    ysi     rapidshare

Do The Digs Dug? (live version)    ysi    rapidshare 


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