Man Parrish

man parrish

Man Parrish, or Manny to give him his real name, was making electro dance music in the early 80’s, combining european disco with the drum machine sounds of early electro and kraftwerk.
A native New Yorker, Parrish was a member of the extended family of glam-chasers and freakazoids that converged nightly at Studio 54. His nickname, Man, first appeared in Andy Warhol’s Interview magazine, and his early live shows at Bronx hip-hop clubs were spectacles of lights, glitter, and pyrotechnics that drew as much from the Warhol mystique as from the Cold Crush Brothers. (Allmusic.com)
He released his debut album, “Man Parrish”  in 1982 on Poyldor, which included the classsic, “Hip Hop Be Bop (Don’t Stop)”. He went on to have a couple of more hit singles, Man 2 Man meets Man Parrish “Male Stripper” , in 1986 being the biggest.
Not much was heard of Parrish after the initial success, but his tracks have been featured on many compilations and DJ mixes over the years.
Here we have a track from his debut, although they are in fact labelled as 2 tracks, “Street Clap” & “Heatstroke” , they blend together as 1 track. Nice bit of vocoder on here and apparently it was used in a porn film!

Street Clap/Heatstroke    ysi     rapidshare


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