Cover Versions

I wanted to start a new series of posts, like the diggin’ in the crates posts, where I can share some of my favourite cover versions with you all. Each post will have some kind of theme, maybe covers of one bands material, or one song, you get the idea!
To kick things of I have got a few Beatles covers for you, surely one of the most covered bands ever you can be sure more Beatles covers will appear in this series!

First up we have The Deirdre Wilson Tabac with their version of “Get Back”, this track can be found on the Harmless compilation “Gimme Shelter” .     ysi    

Next up we’ve got Vanilla Fudge with their psychedelic version of “Ticket To Ride” taken from their 1967 debut album, “Vanilla Fudge” .    ysi

Now for some soul, we have Wilson Pickets version of “Hey Jude” , take from the 1969 album entitled “Hey Jude” .    ysi

And finally we have some jazz, Richard “Groove” Holmes & Ernie Watts’ cover of “Come Together” , which can be found on the excellent Harmless compilation “Version Excursion” .    ysi

Sorry for only posting yousendit links, but I have been having trouble getting onto zshare or megaupload, I will hopefully add more links in the near future.


One Response to “Cover Versions”

  1. nice selection
    threw down a coversweek on themusicologist a while back.
    something satisfying about covers when the artist/s add their own flavour to the original version.

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