Remdog – Shadow In Your Rearview EP


I wanted to let you all know about an excellent new EP by Remdog aka graf arist and member of the Reptiles, Remi/Rough. The “Shadow In Your Rearview” EP is released through the internet label Myuzk , and is completely free! As are all their releases.
Here’s the press blurb –

Decades of aerosol manipultion has put Remi/Rough well and truly in the global picture. In recent years he has ploughed precious time into the discipline of creating beats and remixing established artists. Aside from his dedicated role in the band Reptiles and working alongside luminaries such as Mike Ladd, Charlie Dark and Yarah Bravo it has now come to pass that as Remdog a personalised sound is now on the table. Unofficial remixes of The Kills and Buck 65 have received praise from bloggers and netheads and now a package of tracks that showcase the Remdog sound is presented free to the listener. Myuzyk presents Shadow In Your Rearview EP.

Go download it, now!!!!

Remdog – Shadow In Your Rearview EP


One Response to “Remdog – Shadow In Your Rearview EP”

  1. oh yeah baby…

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