Diggin’ In The Crates pt.12


Staying with the DJ Shadow samples theme of the last diggin’ post, I have 2 more tracks for you here.
First up we have Giorgio aka Giorgio Moroder, with the track “Tears” taken from his 1969 album “Son Of My Father” on Dunhill Records. Shadow used it for his classic track “Organ Donor”.
“Tears”   YSI   ZShare

 Second track is a bit different, here we have some classic 80’s electro from Newcleus. Hailing from Brooklyn, Newcleus released their first single in 1983, the classic electro track “Jam On Revenge (The Wikki Wikki Song)”. They went on to release a number of breakdance classics that still sound good today. In 1985 they released “Let’s Jam” on Sunnyview Records, almost 15 years later, DJ Shadow sampled it on the UNKLE track “Celestial Annihilation” from the album “Psyence Fiction” .
“Lets Jam”   YSI   ZShare


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