Kid Acne – Rap Traffic

kid acne rap traffic

Sticking with off the wall UK hip hop, I’ve been wanting to put a Kid Acne track up for ages now, but not been sure which one to use. So I have gone for a track from his debut, 2001 album, “Rap Traffic”.
Kid Acne is well known for his graffiti  work, and since his 3rd and latest album release, “Romance Ain’t Dead” on Lex Records, he’s now just as well known for his rapping.
Back in 2001 he released his debut album “Rap Traffic” on his own Invisible Spies label. The album was produced by Req One, best known for his abstract instrumental albums on Skint and Warp, but also a well respected graf writer himself.
I would say this album is Acne at his weirdest, rapping about all-sorts of things, such as underwater bus stops and rubber body poppers. There is less of the comical bravado that can be heard on his later releases.
In an interview with Kev Grey, when asked “To a blind person, how would you describe your style?” Kid Acne answers “I’d read them Where The Wild Things Are and some Roald Dahl, play them some New Kingdom and Slick Rick and tell them it’s somewhere in between” , this was referring to his art work but I think it can be applied to his music as well.
Now check out this track from Rap Traffic.
“Ill Mic’dragster”


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