Collapsed Lung


Formed in the early 90’s, Collapsed Lung mixed hip-hop and rock, but unlike Rage Against The Machine or Senser their main aim was to have a laugh. Originally Nihal , best known for his Radio 1 show, was on rapping duties, along with band member Anthony. They released 2 singles, “Thundersley Invacar” and “Chainsaw Wedgie”, before Nihal left the band to form the Muddie Funksters.
In 1994 Jim Burke took over vocal duties and they released the “Down With The Plaid Fad” EP. I always liked Jim’s rapping as it was very British but without all the macho, I’m hard rubbish you get from a lot of rappers. You could say they sounded like the British  Beastie Boys, but I would say that was being lazy, and not sure they were really that good!
They went on to release more singles, and in 1995 their debut album “Jackpot Goalie”, which featured the track “Eat My Goal”, which was later picked up and used for a Euro 96 Coke advert. They scored a hit with Eat My Goal, released another album, “Cooler” in 1996, then not much was heard of the band again. However Anthony went on to become DJ Scissorkicks, and also formed, along with Jim Burke, the band Junior Blanks.
So for downloand we have “Down with The Plaid Fad” the XXLarge mix and the b-side to “Eat My Goal”, “London Tonight” which features Chris Tucker from UK hip-hop crew Killa Instinct.

“Down With The Plaid Fad (XXLarge Mix)”

“London Tonight”


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