MySpace Music


I recently decided to have a look on MySpace to see what good music is out there, I found a lot of rubbish but there was some good stuff too!
So I thought I’d put up a little compilation of music I found free to download on artists myspace pages. It covers hip hop, instrumental beats, electro and a bit of house. Here is the track-listing –

 1.No-Hopers – First We’ll Drink Tea
2.Clev Cleverley – Dun Diddit
3.Prince Charming – Good 4 Me Bad 4 Demons
4.The Pale Walls – The Pale Walls
5.Awkward – Extra Road Map
6.Black Bird – Bravado
7.Dday One – See Change
8.Crunc Tesla – Airwalk Riddim (extended)
9.SWAN – Suspicious Activity feat Nature Boy Jim Kelly
10.Rope Chain Spiller Kidz – Washed Up (RCSK remix)
11.Suicide Dogz – Time On My Hands (demo)

myspace compilation

Enjoy this compilation and make sure you go check out the artists pages!


One Response to “MySpace Music”

  1. Great site for MySpace graphics and animations.


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