Hip-Hop Before They Were Famous pt.2

Awhile ago I posted up some tracks by well known hip hop artists before they were so well known. I thought it was about time to follow that post up, we may not be going as old skool as before but have some early tracks featuring Jay-Z, Nas, Busta Ryhmes and 2Pac.

Lets start with Jay-Z, after years of drug selling and living the thug life, Jay-Z started to concentrate on his rapping career. He often appeared with Jaz-O on stage and record, Jay also toured with Big Daddy Kane in the late 80’s and early 90’s. However it was his feature on Original Flavor’s 1993 hit, “Can I Get Open” that really got Jay-Z’s name known. He then went on to form his own label and become one of the worlds best known rappers.
“Can I Get Open”   YSI   ZShare

Next up we have Nas. In 1991 Nas made his debut appearance on Main Source’s classic “Live At The BBQ”. Shortly after this, Nas was approached by 3rd Bass’ MC Serch who then became his manager and helped Nas get signed to Columbia Records.
Serch also put him on his solo track “Back To The Grill Again”, which also featured Red Hot Lover Tone and Chubb Rock, this was the first time I heard Nasty Nas as he was known then, and is still one of my favourite performances by him.
“Back To The Grill”   YSI   ZShare

Busta Rhymes was signed to Elektra Records when he was just 17, as part of the Leaders Of The New School group. The group had big connections with Native Tongues crew and later featured on A Tribe Called Quests classic “Scenario”. They released 2 albums, 1991’s “Future Without a Past” and 1993’s “T.I.M.E” . Although they were big on the underground and gained respect from the hip hop community, sales weren’t big and the group split no long after their second album. However, as we know, Busta then went solo and has scored a number of world wide chart hits, not sure what happened to the rest of L.O.N.S though?
“Just Another Case Of That Old P.T.A”   YSI   ZShare

Finally we have 2Pac, Digital Underground formed in the late 80’s and released their debut album “Sex Packets” on Tommy Boy records in 1989. In 199o Digital Underground released the EP “This Is An EP Release” which featured remixes and new tracks., including “Same Song” which features a young 2Pac on vocals. I have to say, this is my favourite track 2Pac ever featured on, but not so keen on the fact it is now more often credited as 2Pac featuring Digital Underground!
“Same Song”   YSI   ZShare


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