Scotty Hard

scotty hard

In 1989 Scotty Hard began working at Calliope Studios in New York, in his 3 or 4 years there he worked with artists such as Prince Paul, De La Soul, Jungle Brothers, Brand Nubian, Black Sheep, Ultramagnetic MC’s, Wu-Tang and so on.
In 1990 Scotty met Jason Furlow and Sebastian Laws who were forming the group New Kingdom. He went on to produce both New Kingdom albums and played guitar in their live set up.
In 1999 Hard released his debut album, “Return Of Kill Dog E” on the Wordsound label. The album featured guest artists such as  Sensational, Sebastian from New Kingdom, Mr Dead and the Anti-Pop Consortium, it is their track “Bubble In The Haze” we have here for download.
Scotty Hard has since released a number of singles and albums, including the jazz album Scotty Hard’s Radical Reconstructive Surgery” on Thirsty Ear. He has also produced, engineered and remixed many many other artists over the years.

“Bubble In The Haze”


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