Anne Clark

anne clark

I first heard of Anne Clark through a CD my brother made me, which means I don’t know that much about her, apart from shes made some excellent electronic pop poetry in the 80s. But here is what Michael Sutton says on Allmusic.com
Recognized in America for the 1987 modern rock radio curio “Hope Road,” Anne Clark’s contributions to the alternative genre are often ignored; or perhaps she’s too obscure to receive the proper credit. Clark made her debut in 1982 with the album The Sitting Room. A poetic songwriter and gifted pianist, Clark gained a devout legion of fans during the ’80s, although commercial success was never within reach. Because of her experiments with both dance music and more elaborate orchestral pieces, Clark won the approval of club denizens and indie purists. However, “Hope Road” was the closest she came to a pop hit. The track is often resurrected by modern rock radio DJs who want to break the monotony of Top 40 new wave on flashback programs, but it doesn’t truly reflect Clark’s personal, idiosyncratic body of work. In 1994, Beehive released The Best of Anne Clark, a retrospective that, oddly enough, didn’t include “Hope Road.”

Now listen –
“Sleeper In Metropolis” ( YSI  ZShare ) taken from the 1983 album “Changing Places”
“Our Darkness” ( YSI  ZShare ) taken from the 1984 album “Joined Up Writing”


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