The Wild Bunch

wild bunch

The Wild Bunch started as a sound system DJing around Bristol in the early to mid-80’s. Their mix of hip hop, reggae, funk and punk gained them a large following which led them to DJ in London and around the UK and then around the world. 
As they went on they started to create their own music and produce their own tracks. Apart from a promo and some remixes, including a remix of Eric B & Rakims “Move The Crowd”, they only had one offcial release, the 1988 single “Friends and Countrymen” on 4th & Broadway Records. The E.P featured 3 tracks, Friends and Countrymen, The Look Of Love & Machine Gun (Down By Law) – the track featured here.
Founding members of the group went on to have greater success. 3D, Daddy G and Mushroom went on to form Massive Attack, Tricky, a part time member had solo success and Nelle Hooper was part of Soul II Soul and then went on to work with Madonna, U2 and many other famous names. Now check out where it all started!

“Machine Gun (Down By Law)”


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