Toah Dynamic

toah dynamic

Toah Dynamic formed in Sheffield in 1996, releasing their debut single, “Hip Hop Gymkhana” on the C.U Next Tuesday label. With 7 members, Earl Shilton, Supreme Vagabond Craftsman, Kid Acne, Be My Twin, Sixty Four Cousins, Mo’ Mummy and Chips For The Poor, the Toah Dynamic sound is very hard to pin down. It lies somewhere between hip hop, shouty punk, folk and the kind of music children make in music lessons at school; it makes for an interesting if rather odd listen.
The band released their debut album, “Movement” (where the featured track is taken from) in 2000 on their own Invisible Spies label. They played shows around the UK and then returned in 2003 with their second full length album, “Cops Hate Our Love” , again on the Invisible Spies label.
Sadly, since then the band have been quiet, however the label still lives on and over the years has released music by all the Toah Dynamic members, the most successful being Kid Acne, who recently released his 3rd album, “Romance Ain’t Dead” on Lex Records.

“Crazy Like A Race Car”


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