Stereo MC’s

stereo mc's

Formed in London in the mid-80’s by Rob B and The Head, the Stereo MC’s released their first album, “33-45-78” in 1989 on the Gee Street label.
The album mixed the American hop-hop sound of the time, drum machines, funk and soul breaks, with a very British dance sound,  a hint of dub, as well as a couple of tracks that could easily be termed “trip-hop”, although I hate that term!
The Stereos went on to score a US chart hit with their track, “Elevate Your Mind” taken from their second album, “Supernatural” in 1990. Then with their next album, “Connected”in 1992, they gained massive commercial success, toured with acts such as The Happy Mondays, and crossed musical boundaries with support from hip hop, dance, indie and pop fans.
Since then the band have failed to re-capture the commercial success of Connected but have released a further 2 albums, 2001’s “Deep Down and Dirty” and 2005 “Paradise”.
But here now I have the track “Toe To Toe” taken from their debut album. The album, compared to most other hip-hip albums made in the UK around the same time, holds up pretty well and still makes for an enjoyable listen.

“Toe To Toe”


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