Repetition, Rhythm and Remi/Rough


To help celebrate Remi Rough’s new exhibition, “Repetition, Rhythm and Remi/Rough”, I wanted to post up the details and some info, plus Remi has kindly given me a couple of remixes by his group, Reptiles, to put up for download here. For those who do not know Rough I shall quote from his press release –
These new artworks contain nods to Remi’s long career within graphic design. The composition, the subject matter and most of all the mostly limited palette of black and white that he prefers to use. Losing, as he says; “ Any frilly bits and unnecessary decorative waste.” Stands to give the viewer a better understanding of where the artwork has come from in terms of it’s historical journey and it’s most primal aesthetic. This is quite possible the hardest task of all making something look so simple yet also beautiful.
The repetition of continuing a theme, a name or an image, the rhythm of having that theme, name or image gradually develop into what it has become today and Remi/Rough who for 23 years has developed what was once considered to be an eighties fad, into a style all his own, a way of life and a full time career.
To call Remi/Rough a graffiti writer would be to akin to describing Pele as “a footballer”; whilst factually correct, the term cannot begin to paint the entire picture. Born in South London, 1971, Remi spent 20 years developing his own unique style whilst at the same time solidifying his place as one of the cornerstones of the UK scene. Since his first spraycan experiments, Remi has gone on to become an artist, designer and musician, all the while straying no further from his stylistic roots as his physical ones (Remi still calls the same southern part of London which birthed his style home, albeit now a shared one, with his partner and daughter). 

The exhibition is on from 10th November – 19 December, at the Nancy Victor Gallery, 36 Charlotte Street, London, W1. Entry to the gallery is free! 
Now check out the Reptiles remixes of  WSO “The Game” and Andre Gurov “R U Listening?”

“The Game”   YSI   ZShare

“R U Listening”   YSI   ZShare


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