Part 2 – Prelude To Cycle 6

part 2

Since the mid 90’s, Part 2 has been producing left-field hip hop with his group New Flesh, then New Flesh For Old. Their first release was, “This Is The Space Age” in 1995 on their own New Flesh Music Operations label. This was follow by the track “Mesopotamia”, which was picked up by DJ Vadim and featured on the Jazz Fudge compilation “Organised Sound” in 1996.
A year later Part 2 released his debut solo EP, “Prelude To Cycle 6”, again on Jazz Fudge. It was mainly instrumental, but did feature New Flesh’s Toastie Taylor on 1 track. 
Prelude To Cycle 6 is very of its time, slow, dark, moody hip hop beats, with experimental leanings, but all in Part 2’s unique style. The track here, “Rectangular Depression” is a personal favourite from the EP.
Part 2 has since gone on to release 3 albums and a number of singles with New Flesh on the Big Dada label, as well as a solo album “Live From The Breadline” also on Big Dada.
His production has changed vastly over the years, but Part 2 is always pushing boundaries and making good music.

“Rectangular Depression”


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