The Creators

The Creators were UK hip hop producers Juliano and Si Spex, who, along with the likes of DJ Vadim, Mark B and The Herbaliser, hailed from in and around Kingston-Upon-Thames.
Juliano is known in the hip hop circles for being a hardcore beat digger, and has sold records and beats to many US artists.
Their first release, and best, in my humble opinion, was “The Creators Have A Master Plan” mini LP on Blind-Side Records. The mini LP was released in 1996 and featured guest rappers such as MCM (ex-Caveman), Big Kwam, The Rats, Delirious & Marga-Marl J. Marga’s track is the track I have here for you and if anyone knows anything about this guy I’d really like to know, as this is the only track I’ve ever heard him on and he kills it.
The Creators later signed to the Wall Of Sound off-shoot label, Bad Magic and recorded the album “The Weight”, which featured mainly US rappers such as Mos Def, Phil Da Agony, and Mike Zoot.
But their first release still remains my favourite and here is the track “Weird Old World” taken from it, check it out. (apologies for no picture)

“Weird Old World (feat. Marga-Marl J)”


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