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The Higsons

October 23, 2007

The Higsons formed in Norwich in 1980, fronted by Charlie “Switch” Higson, now better known for his work on the Fast Show, they released their debut single, “I Don’t Want To Live With Monkeys” in 1981. They went on to form their own label and released one single before being signed to Two Tone Records, […]

Repetition, Rhythm and Remi/Rough

October 22, 2007

To help celebrate Remi Rough’s new exhibition, “Repetition, Rhythm and Remi/Rough”, I wanted to post up the details and some info, plus Remi has kindly given me a couple of remixes by his group, Reptiles, to put up for download here. For those who do not know Rough I shall quote from his press release – These new artworks […]

Sir Mix-A-Lot

October 18, 2007

Sir Mix-A-Lot is best known for his novelty hit “Baby Got Back”, but before the butt Mix-A-Lot had released 2 albums, 88’s “Swass” and 89’s “Seminar” . His debut is the album I have been listening to recently. Now you can’t really say Mix-A-Lot is a great rapper, but his tracks always seem to amuse, even though […]

Part 2 – Prelude To Cycle 6

October 10, 2007

Since the mid 90’s, Part 2 has been producing left-field hip hop with his group New Flesh, then New Flesh For Old. Their first release was, “This Is The Space Age” in 1995 on their own New Flesh Music Operations label. This was follow by the track “Mesopotamia”, which was picked up by DJ Vadim and featured […]

The Creators

October 8, 2007

The Creators were UK hip hop producers Juliano and Si Spex, who, along with the likes of DJ Vadim, Mark B and The Herbaliser, hailed from in and around Kingston-Upon-Thames. Juliano is known in the hip hop circles for being a hardcore beat digger, and has sold records and beats to many US artists. Their first release, and best, in […]