Diggin’ In The Crate pt.8


First up we have “You Can’t Turn Me Away” by Sylvia Striplin. This track was first released as a b-side of the single “Give Me Your Love” in 1980, and featured on the album also called “Give Me Your Love” . This was Sylvia’s only solo album, although she was also a member of  Aquarian Dream as well as Roy Ayers’ Eighties Ladies outfit.
The track is now better known for being sampled by Junior MAFIA on their hit “Get Money”.

“You Can’t Turn Me Away”   YSI   ZShare

Next up we’ve got “Down Here On The Ground” by Grant Green & Dianne Reeves. This track is taken from Grant Green’s 1970 album, “Alive!” on Blue Note Records. This is possibly his best known album for beat diggers and funk fans. This track is best known for being sampled by A Tribe Called Quest on “Vibes and Stuff” as well as Cypress Hill’s “Stoned Is The Way Of The Walk”.

“Down Here On The Ground”   YSI   ZShare


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