Silver Bullet

silver bulletsilver bullet

Before his solo releases, Silver Bullet was a member of the UK hip hop group Triple Element, who released one single, “What’s Dat Sound” in 1988. Then in 1989 he released his debut solo single “Bring Forth The Guillotine”, which became a dance hit due to the remixes by Ben Chapman and Norman Cook.  
Following on from this success, Silver Bullet then released the Robocop sampling “20 Seconds To Comply” reaching number 11 in the UK charts. This was also the first 12″ single I ever bought.
Silver Bullet then moved from his indie label Tam Tam to the major label Paralphone, and released 3 more singles, as well as his only album, “Bring Down The Walls – The No Limit Squad Returns”.
Although he did return in the late 90’s, changing the spelling of his name to Silvah Bullet, he never regained the success he found in the late 80’s.
Here I have for you the album versions of “Bring Forth…” and “20 Seconds…” enjoy!

“Bring Forth The Guillotine”   YSI   ZShare

“20 Seconds To Comply”   YSI   ZShare 


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