Diggin’ In The Crate pt.7


For the latest installment of crate diggin’ action, I thought I’d do a dance music special. So here we have 4 tracks sampled by dance music artists.
First up we have Chicago’s “Street Player” taken from their 1979 album “Chicago 13” . The track was later sampled by The Bucketheads on their hit, “Da Bomb”.
“Street Player”  YSI   ZShare
Next up we have avant-garde jazz muscian Moondog with “Birds Lament”. Taken from his second self-titled album from 1969, it was later sampled by Mr Scruff on his classic “Get A Move On”.
“Bird’s Lament”   YSI   ZShare
Now a bit of Gary Numan for you. Taken from his 1979 classic post punk, synth pop album, “The Pleasure Principle” , we have the track “M.E”. Basement Jaxx more recently sampled “M.E” on their hit “Where’s Your Head At?”.
“M.E”   YSI   ZShare
Finally we have Edwin Birdsong with his disco track “Cola Bottle Baby”. Taken from Birdsong’s 1979 self-titled album, “Cola Bottle Baby” is better know as the main sample that makes up Daft Punks “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger”.
“Cola Bottle Baby”   YSI   ZShare


One Response to “Diggin’ In The Crate pt.7”

  1. first time i’ve heard bird’s lament and it’s amazing. amazing energy and tension… wicked post. thanks! =]

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