3rd Bass “The Gas Face”

3rd Bass

MC Serch and Pete Nice were both making music in the mid 80’s, until Sam Sever and Dante Ross introduced them to each other in 1988 and 3rd Bass were born.
After the Beastie Boys, 3rd Bass were the second white act to be signed to Def Jam Records, proving that hip hop by white people didn’t have to be watered-down or more pop orientated.
3rd Bass released 2 albums, “The Cactus” in 1989, and “Derelicts of Dialect” in 1991, scoring a hit with the track “Pop Goes The Weasal”. They also released the remix album, “Cactus Revisisted” in 1990. However, The Catcus album is generally considered their best work, with the classic singles “Brooklyn Queens”, “Steppin’ To The AM” and the track we have here, “The Gas Face”, which featured then KMD member Zev Love X aka MF Doom.
I have decided to give you the original version, the remix and the refill version that appears on KMD’s album “Mr Hood” and doesn’t actually feature 3rd Bass at all.

“The Gas Face”  YSI    ZShare

“The Gas Face (remix)”  YSI    ZShare

“The Gas Face Refill”  YSI    ZShare


One Response to “3rd Bass “The Gas Face””

  1. Hey Serch looks a bit like Jennifer Aniston there. This is good but don’t tell anyone about the excellent mix(es?) of Brooklyn Queens. That’s my little secret.

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