Justin Warfield

justin warfield

I wanted to do a little Justin Warfield special, letting you have tracks from his early hip hop career and some of the guest spots he’s featured on over the years.
These days Warfield is best known as the singer of alternative rock group She Wants Revenge , however before he became a full on rocker, he was making weirded out hip hop music with a definite Native Tongues influence.
First up we have a track “Steppin’ With The Sound” ( YSI  ZShare ), this was released as a single in 1991.
Next we have “B-Boys On Acid” ( YSI  ZShare ), taken from his 1993 debut album, “My Field Trip To Planet 9”, one of the most bugged out hip hop albums from that year.
Now to one of the best known tracks Justin Warfield featured on, Bomb The Bass’ “Bug Powder Dust” ( YSI  ZShare ) . There are many different mixes of this track, including ones by The Chemical Brothers, DJ Muggs  & La Funk Mob, but I have stuck with the original as it has always been my favourite.
After the success of Bug Powder Dust, Justin was recruited by a number of more mainstream dance and indie acts to drop verses on their tracks. Most notably the Chemical Brothers “Elekrobank” b-side “Not Another Drugstore” ( YSI  ZShare ) and Cornershop’s “Candyman” ( YSI  ZShare ) , both released in 1997.


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