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The Nonce

July 31, 2007

The Nonce, possibily not the best name for a UK audience, released their debut album “World Ultimate” in 1995 on Rick Rubins American Records label. It mixed laid back, sun filled beats with Nouka (or Sach as he is now known) and Yusef Afloat smooth, old skool influenced rhymes, easily comparable to the likes of A […]

Diggin’ In The Crate pt.5

July 29, 2007

First up Dr Budsac is on it once again with a nugget that would of gone under the rader if it wasnt for the keane ears of the good dr. Here we have “Dynamouvement No.4” by Roger Roger, this track was sampled by Harmonic 33 on the Intro and Outro of their album “Extraordinary People”.  Dynamouvement No.4 Next we have a […]

The Demon Boyz

July 19, 2007

The Demon Boyz were an early UK Hip Hop group who, along with London Posse, used their own distinct British accents and references. They released their first album, “Recognition” on the Music Of Life label in 1989, they then returned in 1992 with their second full length “Original Guidance” on old friend Rebel MC’s label, […]

New Kingdom

July 18, 2007

As posting their video didn’t work to well I thought I put up a track from New Kingdoms demo tape “Rocket 500”. The tape was available through the bands fan club in 1996 as promo material for their second album “Paradise Don’t Come Cheap” . It features early demo versions of tracks from “Paradise…” , […]

New Kingdom Cheap Thrills Video

July 16, 2007

The first thing I posted on this blog was a live performance of “Cheap Thrills” by New Kingdom. I have just come across the video for the track, which I have never seen until now. So I thought I’d share it with you all. http://youtube.com/watch?v=ZyHJ_EnmDmk appologies to everyone for not having the actual video up […]

Smiley Culture

July 16, 2007

Smiley Culture made a name for himself as part of the London based Saxon Soundsystem, alongside Maxi Priest. This track, “Cockney Translation” is a lesson in cockney slang for the Jamican people and vice versa, all performed in Smileys unique style. The track was a small hit in 1984 and lead onto his only chart hit, […]

The Jungle Brothers

July 16, 2007

Although they were one of the first of the Native Tongue collective to release a full length album, The Jungle Brothers never really hit the heights of their counterparts De La Soul and A Tribe Called Quest. After releasing their second album, “Done By The Forces Of Nature” in 1989, the J.B’s took four years […]


July 10, 2007

Sketchie first came to my attention as a member of the Mummy Fortuna’s Theatre Company, who released the “Born Of Man And Flies” EP on Lex Records and also appeared on the “Lexoleum” compilation. I started to hear more about Mechanical Insects, the Brighton collective Sketchie was a part of along with Mr Cooper, Legs MC etc, I […]


July 8, 2007

Formed by George Clinton back in the late 60’s, Funkadelic started out mixing funk, soul, gospel and rock to create a sound that sits somewhere between James Brown and Jimi Hendrix. The track I have for you here, “Back In Our Minds”, is taken from their 3rd album “Maggot Brain”released in 1971. For me, Funkadelics […]

Elephants Memory

July 8, 2007

I have already given you an Elephants Memory track on one of the Diggin’ In The Crate posts, but I have recently heard some more of their work and thought I’d stick a track up for people to check out. The track, “Takin’ A Walk”, is taken from the album “Elephants Memory” released in 1969, not to […]