Before They Were Famous, Hip Hop Style

Here are a few tracks by some well known hip hop heroes, before they took their places in hip hop history.
First up we have Spectrum City “Check Out The Radio”, this is Chuck D of Public Enemy’s first outing on wax. Released back in 1984 on Vanguard Records.
“Check Out The Radio”   YSI   Zshare
Staying on the New York and Def Jam tip (I’m so hip hop!), next up we have an early hip hop release by MCA of the Beastie Boys. This is MCA & Burzootie “Drum Machine”, I’m not exactly sure who Burzootie was/were, but the track is credited as written by Jay Burnett, Adam Yauch and Arthur Baker. For me its just as good as anything from “Licensed To Ill”, check it out.
“Drum Machine”   YSI   Zshare
Next we move to LA for some vintage Ice-T. Before the O.G was telling tales of the gangster lifestyle, he was kicking it with some good old skool party lyrics. “Reckless” was featured on the soundtrack and in the film Breakdance (Breakin’ in the U.S) and is a collaboration between the iceman and The Glove from 1984. This is the 12″ extended version, so check it out for some good old skool electro action!
“Reckless”  YSI   ZShare
And finally, keeping it West Coast, we have the World Class Wreckin’ Crew with “Surgery”. This was the infamous Dr Dre’s first group and like Ice-T, its a full on old skool electro banger. It is pretty amusing listening now, but back in 1984 this would have had all the LA b-boys breakin’, plus I’d still play it out now!
“Surgery”  YSI   ZShare


One Response to “Before They Were Famous, Hip Hop Style”

  1. Burzootie is and was Mr. Jay Burnett… Still working, still brilliant… Have a Google, and you’ll see he’s done a hell of a lot of stuff since. A fine man…


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