X-Ray Spex

x-ray spex

I’ve been listening to the X-Ray Spex quite a lot recently, so I thought I’d put the title track of their debut album “Germ Free Adolescents” , up for people to check out.
The main things for me that set them apart from the rest of the punk bands of the time are singer Poly Styrene’s vocals and lyrics and the great use of saxaphone in the tracks.
You get a great sense of alienation and disenfranchisement about rampant commercialism and an increasingly sterile and artificial world(to quote allmusic.com) from Poly’s lyrics, which for me really sum’s up the punk scene and Britain, in the late 70’s.
It is just a shame they didn’t do more as a band!
Germ Free Adolescents


One Response to “X-Ray Spex”

  1. love x ray spex one of my favourites….ive got lets submerge the anthology and its got loads of live stuff and reggae polysterene did before she got this band togather.
    the saxophone player was 15 when she started playing with them.i think ‘identity ‘ is the best song by them.

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