Blade’s Lenny and Terence

glam rock cops

Back in the early to mid 90’s I was a massive fan of the UK rapper Blade, you can even find my name on the insert of his debut album “The Lion Goes From Strength To Strength”. Other big fans were Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine, I seem to remember Blade supporting them afew times and Carter naming him their favourite new artist in Smash Hits magazine. So when I heard Blade had recorded his own version of their track “Lenny and Terence”, I went straight out and bought the CD. Released on the Glam Rock Cops single, CD2, back in 94, here is Blade’s Lenny and Terence! The track also features some tastey cuts from Dj Grazzhoppa, I often wonder how many Blade fans knew about this track? Who knows?
Lenny and Terence (ysi)
Lenny and Terence (zshare)

For more info on Blade check out


2 Responses to “Blade’s Lenny and Terence”

  1. i loved Carter many years ago. not heard either version of this track though. thanks for the link!

  2. I was/am one Blade fan who certainly knew about this track. Loved it!!

    Cool having your name on the “Lion” LP. Stupidly I never paid my money in time. He did phone me up once to thank me for buying all his records though 🙂

    Cool blog

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